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Registering DocuVieware
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It is required to register DocuVieware™ before getting started. Registration, also called "unlocking", is a mandatory step for developing a DocuVieware™ based application or deploying a DocuVieware™ based application on a server.

Please note it exists two different kind of license keys: development and production:

The production license keys can easily be distinguish from the development license keys as they are longer.

 Licensing for development

For the development, it is required to use a development license key or a trial license key.

It is not possible to develop and/or debug using a production license key.

This development key should be used in the Global.asax of the project as demonstrated in this tutorial.

 Licensing for production deployment

There are two options:

Please note that it is absolutely mandatory to use either one way or the other but not both at the same time otherwise DocuViewarewill behave as if it was in development mode.

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