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    PDF Form Fields demo
    In This Topic

    The idea behind this demo is to provide a web application with form fields direct interaction, gather the data, compute a result and output a final document.

    The context is an invoice that you have to fill in, you can enter the article descriptions or references, quantities as well as unit price and when done, click the calculate button.

    A custom action will be triggered and, server side, all the invoice data will be put together, VAT rate will be applied, amounts will be computed and the results will be added to the corresponding form fields.

    Once you are happy with the result, you can click the PDF button and a non-editable PDF copy of the document will be generated server side and automatically downloaded.

     Points of interest
    • Direct user interaction with fillable PDF documents
    • How to trigger a server side action using a Custom Action
    • How to retrieve and process form fields data server side using GdPicture.NET™
    • How to put data in existing form fields server side using GdPicture.NET™
    • How to flaten a fillable PDF document using GdPicture.NET™
    • How to trigger the print window using the client JavaScript API
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