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    DocuVieware™ intends to help developers quickly make rich document-handling and/or document-management web-applications accessible from any device including computers, smartphones and tablets.

    DocuVieware™ is a "zero-footprint" and platform independant solution that offers fast and clear document rendering with any modern web browser. More than a simple document viewer, DocuVieware™ includes built-in support for annotations, thumbnails and powerful search with contextual highlighting results display.

    The user interface is fully customizable so developers can create applications with great user experience and productivity tools.

    It supports 100+ vector, raster and metafile formats including DOCX, PDF, TIFF, JPEG and SVG.

    DocuVieware™ provides a client-side API (JavaScript) and a server-side API (AJAX ASP.NET) and supports various integration types such as ASP.NET Web Forms, ASPX MVC and MVC Razor.

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