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Getting Started / How To Evaluate

How To Evaluate

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 Where to download & how to install

To install the software:

  1. Download the latest DocuVieware™ release:
    It comes as a zip archive with an executable installer inside.
  2. Uncompress the zip locally
  3. Execute the installer
  4. Follow the installation wizard through the installation process
 How to use the documentation

In order to use up-to-date information, it is recommended to use the online documentation:

The documentation system offers three ways of browsing the reference guide: through the regular tree structure, alphabetical index or using the integrated search engine.

 Where to find learning materials

In order to get to the point as fast as possible, several fully functionnal DocuVieware™ integrations have been made available to developers:

Both ASP.NET Web Forms and MVC flavors (ASPX MVC & MVC Razor) integration code examples are provided with the software and installed in the [Install Folder]\Samples\ASP.NET\DocuVieware\ folder.

Here is a list of the different demos provided with their complete source code: Learning Resources.

 What to do first

It is strongly recommended to follow the widely illustrated tutorials in order to become familiar with DocuVieware™ and the way it works.

The very first tutorial to follow is Your first DocuVieware™ ASP.NET page, it offers a step by step guide to the whole process of building a first application using DocuVieware™.

Once this guide has been completed, the next tutorial to follow would be Client/Server coming and going with Custom Actions.

 Where & how to get support

Full and unrestricted access to ORPALIS Technical Support platform is provided here, included during the evaluation period:

Please note a brief project description is always useful for the ORPALIS Technical Support to better understand the requirements and offer the best assistance.

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