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    GdPicture14.WEB Namespace (GdPicture.NET.14.WEB.DocuVieware)
    In This Topic
    Class Provides data for the CustomAction event.
    Class DocuVieware WebControl object. This class relies on the Microsoft.AspNet.WebApi package. It is highy recommended to use the DocuViewareControl class in ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Core projects.
    Class DocuVieware object. This class has been designed to be 100% independent from any backend/frontend technology and web application framework.
    Class This class must be used to handle the DocuVieware assembly licensing.
    Class Provides informations about the DocuVieware running process.
    Class Provides data for the LoadDocumentError event.
    Class Provides data for the NewDocumentLoaded event.
    Class Provides data for the PageTransferReady event.
    Structure Specifies message object to display in a DocuViewareMessage box user interface.
    Enumeration User specific locale.
    Enumeration Specifies constants defining which icon to display in a DocuViewareMessage box.
    Enumeration Specifies how DocuVieware stores session data.
    Enumeration Specifies the way that pages of a document are preloaded.
    Enumeration Specifies the quality level to be used to print documents.
    Enumeration Specifies the rotation mode.
    Enumeration Specifies the toolbar style.
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