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GdPicture14.WEB Namespace / DocuViewareControl Class / AllowedExportFormats Property

In This Topic
    AllowedExportFormats Property (DocuViewareControl)
    In This Topic
    Specifies extensions of the allowed formats for export. Each extension must be separated by a coma.
    Wildcard character '*' can be used to specify any supported format.
    The following extensions are currently supported: "PDF", "TIFF".
    For example use "*" to allow all supported format for export, "PDF" to allow only PDF export and "PDF,TIFF" to allow PDF and TIFF export.
    Public Property AllowedExportFormats As String
    public string AllowedExportFormats {get; set;}
    It is highly recommended to allow only the PDF format in order to prevent from high server usage and high volume of data transfer.
    Default value is "*".
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