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Annotations demo

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This sample application demonstrates DocuVieware™ as a book reader application, as such, the well known French literature classic "Le Petit Prince" is loaded on start.
You can also load your own documents either from your local file system or from an URI and annotate them as desired using the dedicated toolbar buttons.

This book is a PDF file that already contains several annotations on the first page that you can edit, move or delete. You also have access to the Annotation Snap-in that contains all the supported annotations types.

 Points of interest
  • How to load a document from server side using the LoadFromStream method
  • Bookmark Snap-In showing the book chapters and allowing direct navigation
  • Thumbnails Snap-In showing all the book pages and allowing direct navigation
  • Search Snap-In that allows you to search for text in the current document
  • Save the document (partially or all of it) with or without the annotations as a PDF or a TIFF document
  • Print the document (partially or all of it) to either an actual printer or to a file output, with or without the annotations.