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In This Topic
    In This Topic

    Here is a code example showing how the draw a green text annotation by showing the creation dialog with custom preloaded properties values.

    function addTimeStamp() {
        timeStampAppearance = {
            fill: false,
            stroke: false,
            fontStyle: 0,
            foreColor: "#1CA30D",
            opacity: 1,
            text: "Paid by cash",
            alignment: 0,
            lineAlignment: 0
        DocuViewareAPI.AddTextAnnotInteractive("DocuVieware1", timeStampAppearance, true, ["fontName","fontStyle","foreColor","fontSize","text","opacity"]);

    Each annotation having its own properties, please refer to the corresponding function documentation below to have a comprehensive list of it.


    This function allows you to add a rectangle annotation (annotation type 1) onto a document into the DocuVieware™ viewer.

    AddRectangleAnnotInteractive: function (docuViewareID[, annotationAppearance, showDialog, enabledProperties])


    The identifier for the DocuVieware™ instance you want to add the annotation on.
    An optional JavaScript object that contains the appearance you want the annotation to have. Annotation properties are listed below.
    An optional boolean that let you decide if the annotation dialog should be shown or not (this requires the annotationAppearance to be sent).
    An optional string array that let you decide what properties are going to be shown in the annotation creation dialog.

    Return Value

    1 if error, 0 if success.

    Rectangle Annotation Properties

    Name Type Default
    borderWidth float 0.04
    dashCap int 0
    dashStyle int 0
    fill bool false
    fillColor string "#FFFFFF"
    stroke bool true
    strokeColor string "#000000"
    opacity float 1
    radiusFactor float 0
    squaredBox bool false
    rotation int 0