7 09, 2017

LETRA: Redefining Public Education in Slovakia

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Hi Everyone, Today on our blog, we are continuing our series of our customers’ success stories. After Swedish ALCOM and Canadian FileHold, we are happy to introduce you to LETRA. LETRA is a nonprofit organization based in Slovakia that develops applications to view, [...]

30 08, 2017

FileHold Systems Inc.: Business Solutions for Document Management Challenges

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Hi Everyone, Today in our Customers’ Success Stories series, we are going to British Columbia, Canada, where the company FileHold Systems develops, sells and supports document management solutions for customers in all industries in every part of the world. The proliferation of [...]

12 07, 2017

Optimized Teaching: Moving Towards Digital Exam Processing

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Hi Everyone, Olof and Jocke from ALCOM visited us from Sweden a few weeks ago. They introduced AldocCorrection, an ambitious and innovative web application. We were very excited to meet them in person to exchange about programming practices and what’s new in the [...]

19 05, 2017

DocuVieware HTML5 Viewer and Document Management Kit Version 3 New Major Release

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Hi Everyone! Welcome to a new DocuVieware and an updated website! DocuVieware is entering his third year of existence and is now recognized as one of the fastest and most complete toolkit on the market to build dynamic Web applications. You will find new [...]

25 04, 2017

When Cloud Document Sharing Becomes a Necessity

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Cloud as a source of innovation Users, spending even more time online, require specific tools to complete their everyday tasks. The market of sharing and collaborative solutions is yet to grow and new players are about to enter, offering sharing services for specific situations [...]

7 03, 2016

DocuVieware 2.0 : The Force Awakens

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Hi folks, Long time, no talk. But some few days ago we've released the annual new major-versions of GdPicture.NET and DocuVieware: GdPicture.NET is now at version 12 while 'junior' DocuVieware turned to version 2.0. Want to take a look? To start with, our universal HTML5 [...]

17 07, 2015

Browsers (3)

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Hi folks, After the very short history of browsers we have presented you in the past 2 "episodes", today we are going to give you some light tech insights, as promised. Just so you can better understand why a plain modern browser is all you [...]

22 05, 2015

Browsers (2)

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Hi folks, In our previous article we were telling you that the history of browsers is more like a Game of Thrones and that “the Starks” (ie, the Mosaic/Netscape team) were massacred by the House of Microsoft at the Netscape Castle which ended-up by being sold to AOL. So today we will resume our short story from there and start by telling you that the “Starks” had to flee the castle, of course. But they re-assembled under the Mozilla Fortification. […]

24 04, 2015

Browsers (1)

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Hi folks, After 3 articles on DocuVieware (this one, this one and this one) you probably know by now that one (and clearly not the only) cool thing about it is that client-side has just one single requirement to provide users with state-of-the-art image/documents viewing, processing and managing: a browser. So we thought maybe it’s a good idea to tell you a thing or two about browsers. During researches made for this article, we found many insipid or inaccurate articles enjoying however lots of views, comments and ‘FB likes’ while a few others, not only interesting but also really funny (like this biblical one) having, helas!, apparently less popularity. And knowing our readers are smarter, we did our best in putting together some interesting facts in a more distilled approach. […]

20 02, 2015

Obscured by Clouds

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Hi folks, We’ve paraphrased the title of Pink Floyd’s seventh album not because it was also the soundtrack of a very interesting French film (La Vallée, 1972) but mainly because today we will try to give you an overview on cloud computing. The term “cloud” became more and more frequent in IT since quite a few years now and it’s likely to become an IT-vocabulary champion soon so we’ll probably hear and use it as often as currently used by meteorologists, pilots and farmers. Apparently the word “cloud” started its technical career due to the diagrams used by computer engineers: one server is graphically represented by a small icon within a circle so the representation of a multitude of servers grouped in a cluster looks like lots of crowded olympic circles. Or like a grape. “Or like a cloud”, must have figured out some engineer with obvious poetic tendencies. Thanks to whom ‘clouds’ brought their mystery, ambiguity and remoteness in almost all our today’s computer-related conversations, conferences, writings and advertisements. […]