DocuVieware Kit Pricing

Pricing for DocuVieware 'On-premises' starts at USD 5,990. Unlimited redistribution pricing options available. If you are interested to integrate DocuVieware into your application, please contact our Sales Department to request a quote.

Licensing 'On-premises'

'On-premises' licensing model implies development licensing and deployment licensing.

'On-premises' Developer Licenses

Number of developers License price
1st developer USD 5,990.00
2nd to 6th developer USD 2,995.00
Site USD 23,960.00 (unlimited number of developers of the same organization at a single physical address.)
Site worldwide USD 35,940.00 (unlimited number of developers of the same organization at an unlimited number of physical addresses.)

'On-premises' Server Deployment Licenses

Number of servers License price
1st server USD 5,000.00
2nd to 5th server USD 3,500.00
6th to 10th server USD 2,500.00
10+ Starting with 11 servers deployed through on-premises Software distribution model, unlimited redistribution contracts are available at 34,000.00 USD.

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Licensing Cloud-based

Will be available soon.

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Licensing in brief

  • DocuVieware licensing model implies 2 types of licenses: development licenses and distribution licenses.
  • Development licensing concerns the number of developers working with DocuVieware within an organization and it is based on a ¨per-developer¨ logic.
  • DocuVieware development licenses are bundled with GdPicture.NET Ultimate Edition SDK licenses and follow exactly the same licensing model.
  • In order to distribute the DocuVieware-based application(s) you have developed, distribution licensing is required, apart from the development licensing.
  • Distribution licensing is based on a ¨per-server¨ logic, royalty-free deployments option is also available.
  • The term 'server' designates the physical or virtual machine from which your DocuVieware-based application is distributed.

The full version of the End User License Agreement concerning both GdPicture.NET and DocuVieware users can be found here.