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GdPictureStatus Enumeration

GdPicture12 Namespace : GdPictureStatus Enumeration
Public Enum GdPictureStatus 
   Inherits System.Enum
public enum GdPictureStatus : System.Enum 
Aborted9 Indicates that the method was aborted.
AccessDenied12 Indicates that a write operation is not allowed on the specified file.
BadTwainState32 Indicates that an error of state was raised by the TWAIN plugin.
Barcode1DReaderPluginNotLoaded1100 Can't load GdPicture.NET.9.barcode.1d.reader.dll.
Barcode1DReaderUnknownError1101 Unknown error reported from the 1D Barcode reader plugin.
BarcodeBarcodeLengthMustBe121019 Data length invalid. (Length must be 12).
BarcodeBarcodeLengthMustBe21023 Invalid data length. (Length = 2 required).
BarcodeBarcodeLengthMustBe51024 Invalid data length. (Length = 5 required).
BarcodeBarcodeLengthMustBe5or6or9or111018 Invalid data length. (5, 6, 9, or 11 digits only).
BarcodeBarcodeLengthMustBe8or121020 Invalid data length. (8 or 12 numbers only).
BarcodeBarcodeMustBinaryChar1021 Invalid Number System (only 0 and 1 are valid).
BarcodeCanNotDetermineStart1006 Could not determine start character.
BarcodeCouldNotInsertStart1009 Could not insert start and code characters.
BarcodeDatamatrixEncoderInvalidVersion1510 The version provided to the DataMatrix encoder is invalid.
BarcodeDataMatrixReaderPluginNotLoaded1200 Can't load the DataMatrix reader dll.
BarcodeDataMatrixReaderUnknownError1201 Unknown error reported from the DataMatrix Barcode reader plugin.
BarcodeIllegalUPCA1022 Illegal UPC-A entered for conversion. Unable to convert.
BarcodeInvalidData1011 Invalid Data.
BarcodeInvalidDestinationSize1012 Destination not large enough to draw the barcode.
BarcodeInvalidLength1001 Data format invalid. (Invalid length).
BarcodeInvalidManufacturerCode1013 Country assigning manufacturer code not found.
BarcodeInvalidStart1002 Data format invalid. (Invalid START character).
BarcodeInvalidStop1003 Data format invalid. (Invalid STOP character).
BarcodeLengthMustBe11or121026 Data length invalid. (Length must be 11 or 12).
BarcodeLengthMustBe12or131025 Data length invalid. (Length must be 12 or 13).
BarcodeLengthMustBe13or141004 Data length invalid. (Length must be 13 or 14).
BarcodeLengthMustBe7or81014 Invalid data length. (7 or 8 numbers only).
BarcodeLengthMustBeMultipleOf21015 Data length invalid. Must be a multiple of 2.
BarcodeMustStartWith491017 Invalid Country Code for JAN13 (49 required).
BarcodeMustStartWith978orBadLength1016 Invalid input. Must start with 978 and be length must be 9, 10, 12, 13 characters.
BarcodeNoEncodingValueFound1010 Could not find encoding of a value in the formatted data.
BarcodeNoStartInCurrentCodeSet1008 No start character found in CurrentCodeSet.
BarcodeNotNumeric1005 Numeric data only.
BarcodePDF417EncoderInvalidVersion1520 The version provided to the PDF417 encoder is invalid.
BarcodePDF417EncoderNotByteData1523 The PDF417 encoder expected only byte data.
BarcodePDF417EncoderNotNumericData1521 The PDF417 encoder expected only numeric data.
BarcodePDF417EncoderNotTextData1522 The PDF417 encoder expected only alpha-numeric data.
BarcodePDF417ReaderPluginNotLoaded1400 Can't load GdPicture.NET.9.barcode.pdf417.reader.dll.
BarcodeQRCodeReaderPluginNotLoaded1300 Can't load the QR-Code reader dll.
BarcodeQrEncoderInvalidVersion1500 The version provided to the Qr-Code encoder is invalid.
BarcodeQrEncoderNot8BitData1503 The Qr-Code expected only byte data.
BarcodeQrEncoderNotAlphanumericData1502 The Qr-Code expected only alpha-numeric data.
BarcodeQrEncoderNotKanjiData1504 The Qr-Code expected only kanji data.
BarcodeQrEncoderNotNumericData1501 The Qr-Code expected only numeric data.
BarcodeUnknownStartType1007 Unknown start type in fixed type encoding.
CanNotCreateFile41 Indicates that the file passed as parameter to the method can not be created.
CertificateNotFound903 The certificate has not been found.
CertificateWrongFormat901 The provided certificate has wrong or unsupported format.
CertificateWrongPassword900 The password provided for the certificate in invalid.
CertificateWrongPrivateKey902 The provided certificate does not includes private key.
DocumentAnalyzerDllRequired4000 Can't load the GdPicture Document analyzer encoder library.
EncryptionSchemeNotSupported2000 The selected encryption scheme is not supported.
FileNotFound10 Indicates that the specified image file or metafile cannot be found.
FontFamilyNotFound14 Indicates that the specified font family cannot be found. Either the font family name is incorrect or the font family is not installed.
FontStyleNotFound15 Indicates that the specified style is not available for the specified font family.
GdiplusNotInitialized18 Indicates that the GDI+API is not in an initialized state. Should never appends.
GenericError1 Indicates that there was an error on the method call, which is identified as something other than those defined by the other elements of this enumeration.
InsufficientBuffer5 Indicates that a buffer specified as an argument in the API is not large enough to hold the data to be received.
InternetConnectError101 An error occurred during the Internet connexion.
InternetFtpGetFileError300 An error occurred downloading a file from the FTP server.
InternetFtpWriteFileError301 An error occurred writing a file to the FTP server.
InternetHttpInvalidFileLength105 The length of the file returned from the HTTP server is invalid or null.
InternetHttpOpenRequestError102 An error occurred during the HTTP open request.
InternetHttpQueryError103 An error occurred during the HTTP query.
InternetHttpSendRequestError104 An error occurred sending an HTTP request.
InternetHttpTransferError106 An error occurred during the HTTP transfer.
InternetHTTPWriteFileError107 An error occurred during the HTTP writing operation.
InternetOpenError100 Could not access to Internet.
InvalidBarCode50 Indicates that the barcode data passed as parameter to the method is invalid.
InvalidLicense9999 The license key provided doesn't include this feature.
InvalidParameter2 Indicates that one of the arguments passed to the method was not valid.
InvalidPDFHandle63 Indicates that the PDF handle provided is invalid or inexistant.
JBIG2PluginNotLoaded3000 Can't load the GdPicture JBIG2 encoder library.
MaxDocumentSizeReached65 Indicates that the maximum document size has been reached.
MaxPagesReached64 Indicates that the maximum number of pages has been reached.
NotImplemented6 Indicates that the method is not implemented.
NotIndexedPixelFormat61 Indicates that the method needs an image with an indexed pixel format.
NotTrueTypeFont16 Indicates that the font retrieved from an HDC or LOGFONT is not a TrueType font and cannot be used with GdPicture.
ObjectBusy4 Indicates that one of the arguments specified in the API is already in use in another thread.
OCRDictionaryNotFound801 The dictionary files needed by the GdPicture Tesseract plugin was not found on the specified path.
OCRTesseractDllRequired800 The GdPicture.NET.ocr.tesseract.dll library was needed or was not found on the computer.
OCRUnhandledException802 The GdPicture.NET.ocr.tesseract.dll raised an unhandled exception.
OK0 Indicates that the method was successful.
OutOfMemory3 Indicates that the operating system is out of memory and could not allocate memory to process the method call.
PdfBadPassword503 The password supplied to open the PDF was invalid.
PdfCanNotBeDecrypted501 The PDF can not be decrypted by GdPicture.
PdfCanNotOpenFile504 The PDF file can not be opened.
PdfDocumentMustBeUnencrypted500 The PDF must be unencrypted before performing this operation.
PdfErrorAddingImage507 The image has not been added to the PDF.
PdfGenericError506 Indicates that there was an error related to PDF manipulation, which is identified as something other than those defined by the other elements of this enumeration.
PdfInvalidContent512 An invalid PDF structure or content has been encountered.
PdfPasswordNeeded502 A password was required to open this PDF.
PdfRenderingPageError505 Indicates that GdPicture was not able to process the document.
PdfUnsupportedInPdfA511 The operation is not supported in PDF/A.
PdfUnsupportedVersion513 The version of the PDF is not supported.
PrintingException24 An exception has been raised by the system during the printing process.
ProfileNotFound21 Indicates that the color profile required to save an image in CMYK format was not found.
PropertyNotFound19 Indicates that the specified property does not exist in the target.
PropertyNotSupported20 Indicates that the specified property is not supported by the format of the target, therefore, cannot be set.
TemplateNotFound23 The template was not found by the GdPicture ADR engine.
TwainError30 Indicates that an error was raised by the TWAIN plugin.
TwainInvalidTransferMode36 Indicates that the selected transfer mode is not supported by the current device.
TwainTransferCanceled33 Indicates that a transfer cancellation was raised by the TWAIN plugin.
TwainTransferError34 Indicates that an error of transfer was raised by the TWAIN plugin.
UnknownImageFormat13 Indicates that the specified image file format is not known.
UnsupportedGdiplusVersion17 Indicates that the version of GDI+ that is installed on the system is incompatible with the version needed by GdPicture.
UnsupportedImageFormat22 Indicates that the format of the image is not supported by the method.
UnsupportedPixelFormat62 Indicates that the method doesn't support the pixel format of the image.
ValueOverflow11 Indicates that the method performed an arithmetic operation that produced a numeric overflow.
WIAGenericError20000 WIA error. Use WiaGetLastError() functions for diagnosing the error.
Win32Error7 Indicates that the method generated a Microsoft Win32 error.
WrongGdTwainVersion31 Indicates that the GdPicture.NET.twain.client.dll version are invalid.
WrongState8 Indicates that the object is in an invalid state to satisfy the API call.
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